To SOLOS, each job is an immersion: we allow ourselves to deeply analyze the brand and its business, and other than offering services, we offer expertise, strategy, critical sense and value.


The local business – whether a micro, small or medium-sized company -, a political party, a research project, an NGO currently has the possibility to effectively segment its presence among users potentially interested in its products/services.

At the same time, online information has become one of the main sources of visibility, credibility and reputation for a brand – regardless of its size and/or type of business. Online is definitely an increasingly active component in the purchase/accession process.

To obtain a solid brand that generates effective results, SOLOS is your preferred partner.

The channels of visibility and measurability of return of investment are now solid and accessible to everyone. Having an attractive presence on the Internet is no longer exclusive to large companies or companies with communication and marketing departments.


What distinguishes us:

> creativity and flexibility in adapting the Web tools to each business model and dimension

> transversal vision between offline and online in each communication strategy

> ability to communicate and adapt to interlocutors without any experience or knowledge of marketing

> continuous training and specialization of human resources

> dynamic networking with national and international industry leading professionals

> certification for specialized training

> creative and strategic activation of specialized content marketing

> solid activation, monitoring and performance of PPC/PPI campaigns (pay-per-click and pay-per-impression)

> we work in Portuguese, English and Spanish



customer retention rate

number of countries we have already worked with

+250 people
have already participated in our customized trainings

+40 brands
SMEs benefited from our work



– Global online performance report of the brand and its context of activity
– Communication and marketing strategy proposal
– Positioning and visual universe proposal
– Monitoring the results and adapting the strategy

– Concept, architecture and development of websites and mobile applications
– E-commerce: platforms, product catalog and sales strategy
– Email Marketing and Newsletter: Editing, sending and monitoring actions
– Online advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.)
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
– Digital influence campaigns & partnerships with influencers

– Communication concept
– Brand design system
– Graphic design
– Graphic materials

– Media relations
– Creation, optimization and translation of texts
– Video
–  Photography
– Graphics, infographics and images
– Presentation brochures and publicity materials

– Preparation and creation of training materials with specific data for each brand and sector of activity
– In-person or online training adapted to the brand’s communication/business needs


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