The author of “Undefined World” reached out to SOLOS less than two weeks before the printing. A book about (career) stories in Customer Experience that still had a blank cover.

From the colors palette set by the client, based on the illustrations created as separators and testimonies, SOLOS developed a language that both linked the core of the book and created a strong and striking identity.

Loading ( _ ) is the compass of creation, of time, in continuous, in process – and it is the basic symbol of a book that tells stories and careers that are happening at this very moment. Loading links the content of the book to the symbol that identifies the company behind this edition – Tymeshift.

Through a geometric type, using digital language, an extremely strong and appealing graphic identity is created combining and leading all points and elements: text, illustrations, name, web.

“Undefined World” lives from its identity and its relationship with Tymeshift, within the process and the players, linked by the book and the CX ‘world’, contemporary and of desire.

After the development of the book and the brand universe and merchadise, we also created the landing page to present the project and generate leads.