For its first edition, BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts entrusted SOLOS with its communications.


We took on the production and distribution of communication materials: we created the Biennial’s identification materials, as well as communication materials for each artistic project, along with bags and other merchandising. SOLOS was also responsible for attracting media partners.



The website

The event’s information epicenter was the website, as evidenced by the daily average number of visits: more than 275 unique users. In this project, it was important to ensure a balance between the navigation of information by project/show, the creation of online information by specific contributors/bloggers and the Biennale’s visual identity, which was so crucial in this first edition.

On the other hand, the website’s information architecture should reflect BoCA’s post-Bienal activity, allowing it to publicize the touring program. The structure of the website as developed by SOLOS is still online today.

The Biennale’s communication strategy was also complemented by the activation of an Email Marketing campaign. The aim was to keep target audiences informed about the program, which would run for six weeks. Thus, at the beginning of each week, the Biennale’s program for the following seven days was announced by email.