In its first edition, BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts entrusted the graphic and online communication to SOLOS.

The biennial proposes a collaborative concept between institutions, museums, galleries, national and international theaters, focusing on a transversal program that aims a synergy between institutions, artistic fields and their respective audiences.

More than 30 cultural institutions in Portugal and more than 40 national and foreign artists took part in the exhibition, most of them with world premiere works. SOLOS proved to be the right partner.

The production and distribution of communication materials for the biennial was developed by SOLOS. In line with the project’s visual identity, we created the biennial’s identification materials, as well as the communication materials for each artistic project, along with bags and other merchandising.

SOLOS was also responsible for media partnerships.

The information epicenter of the first edition of BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts was the website (it received more than 11,000 unique users throughout the biennial).

Here, it was important to maintain a balance between the possibility to browse information by project/show, the creation of online information by specific contributors/bloggers and the visual identity of the biennial – critical in this first edition.

On the other hand, the information architecture should reflect BoCA’s post-biennial activity, allowing it to promote the tour program. The website structure developed by SOLOS is still online today.

The biennial’s communication strategy was also complemented by the activation of a regular mailing campaign.

For 6 weeks, the goal was to keep the target audiences updated about the program. Thus, in the beginning of each week, the biennial schedule for the following 7 days was sent by email.



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