SOLOS was contacted in the summer of 2022 to develop the new website for the NGO Quebrar o Silêncio.


Quebrar o Silêncio (Break the Silence) is one of the very few organizations in Europe that provides specific support to young men and men who are victims of sexual abuse and violence. Of course we accepted the challenge.

We started by carrying out an in-depth analysis of the existing website, in particular the searches of people interested in this topic – as victims or as someone who provides support to victims: how they were navigating the website, how they were consulting the information and what was most relevant.

One piece of evidence became very clear right from the start: this organization’s website is very likely the first stop for a male victim to search for help.

The new website would then necessarily have to ensure its core: being a victim support website.

All the more so because one of the conclusions of SOLOS’ initial analysis was that Google already indicated Quebrar o Silêncio as a search suggestion associated with the theme, and therefore this positioning had to be obvious in the new website.

Thus, the entire architecture of the website and the information structure were designed to focus on the victim and on promoting the support mechanisms that the organization has for victims.

At the same time, it was also necessary to ensure that the new website brought the organization’s identity into the present day. So we developed the brand’s design system, starting from the logo.

The new website was launched in July 2023.