The Britamontes Group was looking for an agency to entrust the online communication strategy. Already with an extensive portfolio in the areas of civil construction, rehabilitation and remodeling, it arrived at SOLOS by direct reference. And stayed.


The partnership was decisive for the growth of this group: from the original brand, Britamontes, two others were created – Britamind and Britamater.

The first challenge was defining the brand’s online marketing and communication strategy. We studied the commercial positioning of Britamontes and established the main differentiating factors from the competition.

Then, on a graphic level, starting from the common vector – the typical construction helmet – we created a link between the three brands, but we designed each one of them according to their specific commercial objective and their different target audiences. Britamontes is the result of a renewed logo. Britamind and Britamater implied a creation from scratch.

The online activation of the Britamontes brand had an identified problem right from the start: the website, initially developed with a free tool, had many problems in terms of indexing (SEO). SOLOS then created a new website for the group, already with the new graphic language, and from that moment on, the organic positioning of the brand in search engines became the top priority of our work.

This website is frequently updated with new Britamontes projects and new specialized articles, also developed by SOLOS.

The activation of the brand on social networks is done on Facebook and Linkedin, with content that follows the work of the teams in the field, the quality of the interventions and the difference between the before and after of the rehabilitations carried out. Photography, captured by SOLOS, is essential in this strategy.