In 2022, SOLOS won the call to create a digital communication strategy for the IdD Portugal Defence brand (under the tutelage of the Portuguese Ministry of National Defence).


The project lasted a year along three phases.

Firstly, SOLOS carried out a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the brand, with an extensive report in which we analyzed not only the niche in the area of Defence (Defence Economy), but also the presence of IdD Portugal Defence in this niche and some international benchmarks. We also created the brand’s design system for the online universe.

We then developed the brand’s digital ecosystem, defining the channels on which it should be activated and with what type of content, taking into account the goals we had initially identified for the brand – visibility and credibility. This was followed by an operational phase that included optimizing the website for search engines, based on analysis and reports, and creating online communication themes that met the brand’s goals.

In this context, SOLOS also supported the creation of sub-brands for sub-projects, including in the academic area with the opening of technological hubs in the area of defence, or in the area of research with Defence4Tech, and also the creation of brand clusters for specific events, such as NIAG – an event organized in Portugal by IdD Portugal Defence and NATO.

The final phase of the project consisted of creating a report in which we analyzed the performance and evolution of the brand over the year of collaboration, giving concrete guidelines for the future work of the organization.

After a year of collaboration, the data shows that not only the brand’s visibility has increased – the average monthly searches for “IdD Portugal Defence” were 210 and have risen to 330, an increase of 120 average monthly searches -, but also the brand’s awareness on social networks, according to most of the metrics.

capture of one of the days of the NIAG meeting. The blue carpet and the rollup with the colors and graphics alluding to the event are visible.