Traditional, yet sophisticated and welcoming. For a longer meal with family or friends, but also for a quicker one, on a work day. In a privileged location, with the sea in the horizon – and on your plate. An authority in the Guincho area that has succeded in keeping its reputation over the years.

Those were the guidelines that SOLOS followed to design a strategy when Alexandre and Marina Ramos, owners of the iconic restaurant Furnas do Guincho, in Cascais, reached out because they felt that both the website and the restaurant pages’ on social media didn’t match the brand’s identity and positioning.

The result of this first contact was a success, since it opened the door to a serious partnership, which began with rebranding: we set a new color palette, created a logo and its variations and the typography.

With the owners’ main goals achived – greater elegance, the menu in eight languages and a website optimized to mobile devices -, we’ve also implemented an online reservations’ mecanism as well as the tracking of all users’ actions through Google Analytics.

Furthermore, we’ve developed the Privacy Policy and Data Use of the Website, in partnership with a law firm.

On social media, we redesigned the brand’s Facebook page and launched its Instagram. With solid content, based on the tone and design system developed by SOLOS, we’re building the brand’s notoriety. Here, from the space, to the restaurant’s location and specialties, the photographs we capture are an essential element.

Furnas do Guincho customers play an important part in this strategy too, since the restaurant interacts daily with the online community – a key aspect for the restaurant’s visibility.

In parallel with the brand activation on social media, SOLOS has developed a listening mechanism through which customers’ positive and negative evaluations are collected in five platforms: Google, Facebook, TheFork, TripAdvisor and Zomato.

The data collected is regularly analyzed in a listening report, a powerful tool to understand the evolution of the relationship between customer and restaurant and to ajust possible changes.



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