The Plataforma dos Direitos Humanos (Human Rights Platform) in Portugal was a two-stage project.


SOLOS was contacted at the end of 2021 to, in the first phase, develop the graphic identity of this new organization in Portugal and the communication strategy for the launch of the brand.

Plataforma dos Direitos Humanos is an aggregator of organizations working on human rights in Portugal and, as such, the graphic identity had to be very strong, but it couldn’t be too noisy, so as not to compete with the graphic identities of the associated organizations. Our choice then fell on black and white – a neutral palette, but strong and assertive, characteristics we wanted to bring to the spirit of this brand.

The “equal” sign in the logo symbolizes the idea of equality and horizontality and meets the brand’s values: not only because it works on human rights, but because it brings together different organizations regardless of size, with the aim of creating a place for conversation and sharing among peers.

With regard to the communication strategy, we realized right from the start that it was essential to highlight the added value for the various organizations of being part of Plataforma, and this was therefore one of the main goals of the communication strategy designed by SOLOS.



2023 brought the second phase of the project: the development of the website.

This work precisely transposed the need identified in the communication strategy, around which the website’s information architecture was built. The result was a website designed for members, which highlights the benefits that members can gain from being part of Plataforma.

We also tried to ensure that the application process for new members is agile and fluid. In the layouts of the website we have obviously applied some of the elements of the well-established graphic identity that we have created: the typography, the color palette, the horizontal lines.