ILGA Portugal – the oldest and largest portuguese association representing the rights of LGBTI people – hired SOLOS for a new website. In the end, it not only got that but also a whole new design system for the first time.

The website created to ILGA Portugal has a very striking identity (a real asset for the brand), bright colors that make it particularly attractive and an agile, assertive navigation and information structure. Unlike the previous website, the new platform is mobile-optimized – the device most commonly used.

As we developed the website’s proposal, it became clear that creating a visual universe for the brand – something that had never been done – would greatly benefit the brand in terms of identity. ILGA Portugal accepted the proposal and we ended up working on both projects at the same time,  which was very beneficial in terms of creativity and conceptualisation.

As a result, we chose not to change the logo and created the color and gradient palette for the brand, as well as the typography. We also defined the hierarchy of graphic and iconographic elements for the structure of services, groups and action areas of ILGA Portugal. The association’s central action services also gained their own logos, based on the iconography selected for the visual universe.