In 2018, the Portuguese political party PAN wanted a new website in preparation for the 2019 Legislative Elections. SOLOS was selected among other candidates.

At the time, there weren’t very good benchmarks and no political party website effectively fulfilled the purposes designated by PAN as priorities for the new website: allowing easy and accessible access to information and enabling a good user experience.

Assuming itself to be a party of causes that defends human, animal and nature rights, PAN wanted to make sure that this triad had equal space on the website and wanted to leave no room for doubt about actually having an integrated vision for society. To enable disabled people to access the website independently, we built it with the most up-to-date accessibility tools – the only website on the Portuguese political scene to date to show this concern.

The end result is an accessible website, with an equitable thematic structure (people, animals, nature) that allows for very clear and instinctive consultation and a great user experience.

Contributing to this user experience are factors such as the implementation of an initial anchor index on very long pages and an internal search engine that makes it possible to combine themes with types of content and location.

The project also included content optimization for search engines (SEO) and, in just one month, the website reached 1st place in Google’s results on searches for “legislativas 2019” – a term previously selected given its high volume in user search.