SOLOS developed the new website for the Rainbow Map, ILGA-Europe’s renowned research on LGBTQI+ rights in Europe, held since 2009.


The website was developed on the basis of an extensive analysis of what, by whom and how information was searched, which allowed SOLOS to provide a set of features that respond precisely to the problems initially identified, to ensure maximum accessibility of the platform and an intuitive navigation. The website’s menu, for example, assumes two of the most common behavioral flows – “view by category” and “view by country” -, along with the possibility of consulting the history of other editions, something that the previous website did not offer.

At the same time, the legal basis supporting ILGA-Europe’s research has been given greater prominence on this new website. It was already available on the previous website, but users were unaware of it, so much so that the organization asked for this information to be highlighted in the initial analysis. In practice, this means that users are aware of the national legislation that validates certain information or results.

The new website also offers counters – a substantial added value that allows users to access more immediate information (e.g. how many countries meet certain criterion). On the previous website, which didn’t have this feature, users had to perform calculations like this manually. This count is now presented automatically, with a corresponding map display. As an example, the user can see that, in the “family” category, 20 countries meet the “marriage equality” criterion, while 29 do not.

In addition, when viewing the information by country, the platform designed by SOLOS adds notes that place each country’s results within the average for Europe, the European Union or even a reference to the result recorded the previous year, which is a gain for users. Also noteworthy is the new way of presenting the results of the categories and their criteria by country, the comparison feature and the ability to download data in various formats.

Alongside the creation of the new website, SOLOS also worked on updating the visual identity of the Rainbow Map brand.


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