When he arrived at SOLOS by direct referral, Nuno Dias, the person in charge of Lithoespaço, wanted a new website and a communication strategy for his condominium management company.


Lithoespaço never gave up the partnership and, over time, SOLOS’ scope of work in  this brand has expanded. The justification? Results and confidence.

The first step – before SOLOS moved on to the design of a new website – had necessarily to be defining, together with the company, the positioning and objectives of the brand. From there, we created the architecture of the website.

Afterwards, we designed and programmed the website, with responsive behavior and optimized for search engines. This was followed by the study and definition of Lithoespaço’s keywords map (SEO).

Lithoespaço’s communication strategy involves activating and managing its pages on Facebook and Instagram. We favor informative, visually appealing content and content that shows the company’s daily work, with photographs of the team, the office and client condominiums.

The newsletter is a key tool in Lithoespaço’s online communication strategy, through which a closer relationship with tenants is sought and visits to the website are boosted. Therefore, newsletters are regularly sent with useful information that refer to articles on the website. The creation of these articles, optimized for SEO in order to obtain the best possible organic positioning in search engines, is also entrusted to SOLOS.

Following Lithoespaço’s intention to expand to Porto, SOLOS developed in 2021 an objective analysis of website and social media metrics. With this, we sought to assess how the evolution of Lithoespaço was viewed by its online community. We concluded that the brand has potential for franchising.