Bringing NGOs and security forces closer to fight against hate crimes and online hate speech against LGBTI people is the main mission of this project commissioned by the European Commission.

UNI-FORM brings together, in its initial phase, 10 countries and 10 European organizations:  ILGA-Portugal (Portugal), GLEN (Ireland), LGL (Lithuania), MGRM (Malta), Eesti Inimoiguste Keskus (Estonia), Hater (Hungary), FELGTB (Spain), Mozaika (Latvia), Çavaria (Belgium) and Galop (United Kingdom).

SOLOS was the company selected for the development of the mobile application and of the website with responsive behaviour.

“We chose SOLOS to bring together the experience, the sensitivity and the technical capacity necessary to embrace this project.”


This online complaint mechanism of discrimination against LGBT people will allow direct contact between user and national police and will be available in 10 languages and in 10 European countries.

We have also created the brand before the European report tool.